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DVD, 2007



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United States
Mystery, Suspense/Thriller, Drama, Action
Running time:
2h 05min
Disc release:
Jun 26th 2007
Aspect ratio:
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Paramount Pictures,
Di Bonaventura Pictures,
Paramount Home Entertainment
Get ready for edge-of-your-seat thrills as Mark Wahlberg ignites the screen in his most compelling role yet: the Shooter. When respected former Marine scout sniper Bob Lee Swagger (Wahlberg) is pressed into service to stop an assassination attempt against the President, the unthinkable occurs: he's double-crossed and framed for the attempt. Determined to prove his innocence, the rogue shooter is now in a high-tension race from every law enforcement agency in the country and a shadowy organization that wants him dead. From Training Day director Antoine Fuqua comes a gripping film co-starring Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon 4) and Michael Pena (World Trade Center). Joel Siegel of Good Morning America proclaims that Shooter is a thriller... with a ton of white-knuckle action.
Extra Features
7 Deleted Scenes Survival of the Fittest: The Making of Shooter Commentary by Director Antoine Fuqua Featurette: "Independence Hall"

Antoine Fuqua Director

Mark Wahlberg Bob Lee Swagger

Michael Peña Nick Memphis

Danny Glover Colonel Isaac Johnson

Kate Mara Sarah Fenn

Elias Koteas Jack Payne

Rhona Mitra Alourdes Galindo

Jonathan Walker Louis Dobbler

Louis Ferreira Howard Purnell (as Justin Louis)

Tate Donovan Russ Turner

Rade Serbedzija Michael Sandor (as Rade Sherbedgia)

no image A.C. Peterson Officer Stanley Timmons (as Alan C. Peterson)

Ned Beatty Senator Charles F. Meachum

Lane Garrison Donnie Fenn

Zak Santiago Senior Agent

Michael-Ann Connor Junior Agent

Shawn Reis Underling

Brian Markinson Attorney General Russert

Michael St. John Smith FBI Director Brandt

Dean McKenzie Archbishop Desmond Mutumbo (as Dean Monroe McKenzie)

Tom Butler President

no image Adrian G. Griffiths Ben Davis (as Adrian Hughes)

no image Darrin Massey Frank Russo

Mackenzie Gray Dave Simmons

Levon Helm Mr. Rate

Rebecca Toolan Mrs. Rate

Trish Allen Katy

no image James Wettengl Diver

John Tench Motel Owner

David Bloom Meachum's Valet

Brad Kelly Sorenson

David Neale Spook

no image Susan Barnett TV News Anchor #1

Ukee Washington TV News Anchor #2

Dagmar Midcap TV News Anchor #3

Darrin Maharaj TV News Anchor #4

no image Anthony McCrae Jefe

Mike Dopud Lead Mercenary

no image Chic Gibson Mayor of Philadelphia

Danny Hernandez K-9 Cop #1

no image Jonathan Eusebio K-9 Cop #2 (as Jonathan Eusabio)

Vale Anoai Woman in Crowd during Assassination (uncredited)

no image Erica Lynne Arden Pedestrian (uncredited)

no image Elise Arsenault Pedestrian (uncredited)

Joe Barlam Pedestrian (uncredited)

no image Ernest E. Brown FBI Agent (uncredited)

Sharon Carpenter-Rose Presidential Speech Spectator (uncredited)

no image Alice Chamberlain Assignation Attempt Crowd (uncredited)

no image Karen Chamberlain Assignation Attempt Crowd (uncredited)

Damien Colletti College Student (uncredited)

no image David Collihan Business Man (uncredited)

no image Paul Dake Paramedic (uncredited)

no image Holly Eglinton Girl (uncredited)

Alexander Emmert Agent #1 (uncredited)

Liam Ferguson Businessman (uncredited)

Patrick Ferguson Pedestrian (uncredited)

Tammy Gillis Waitress (uncredited)

Lauren Glazier Student (uncredited)

Richard Jollymore Police Officer (uncredited)

Michael Wingate Jones Secret Service Agent / Driver (uncredited)

no image Cory Kastle Pedestrian (uncredited)

Fred Keating Winston Chuchill (uncredited)

William James Kelly Assassination Witness (uncredited)

Lawrence Laravela FBI Agent (uncredited)

Roberto Lombardi Assassination Witness (uncredited)

Steve Lord FBI Sniper (uncredited)

no image Tiffany Marz Presidential Supporter (uncredited)

no image Peter Mason Guitar Playing Pedestrian (uncredited)

no image Rick Matters Pedestrian (uncredited)

Mac McDonald Police Captain (uncredited)

no image Mike Monroe Secret Service Agent (uncredited)

no image Jeffrey Mowery FBI Agent (uncredited)

no image Laurence Mullaney CIA Agent (uncredited)

Ken Myers Flag Waver / Grocery Man (uncredited)

Manny Oliverez Businessman (uncredited)

no image Henry Penzi Train conductor (uncredited)

no image Joseph F. Petrone Secret Service Agent (uncredited)

no image Vito Pietanza Capitol Police Officer (uncredited)

no image Lil Rhee DC Resident (uncredited)

Vincent Riviezzo Phila Cop (uncredited)

no image Kurt Runkle Secret Service Agent (uncredited)

Roger Sands Assassination Witness (uncredited)

no image Chuck Schanamann Assassination Witness (uncredited)

David Adam Smith Businessman (uncredited)

Eugene Smith Assassination Witness (uncredited)

Patrick Michael Strange FBI Agent / DC Bike Cop / Businessman (uncredited)

no image Simmie Terrell Civilian (uncredited)

Ian Thompson Motorcycle Cop (uncredited)

Frank Traynor Pedestrian (uncredited)

no image Sean Traynor Pedestrian (uncredited)

Dan Van Wert FBI Agent (uncredited)

Kimberly Villanova Witness (uncredited)

no image Torell Vinson Pedestrian (uncredited)

Jamal Weathers Car Wash Attendant (uncredited)

Don Whatley FBI Agent (uncredited)

Mike Wilson Sniper / F.B.I. Agent (uncredited)

no image Lindsey Zajac Assassination Witness (uncredited)

Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1
English Dolby Digital 5.1
French Dolby Digital 5.1
Commentary Dolby Digital 2.0
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