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R2-D2: Beneath The Dome

DVD, 2001



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R2-D2: Beneath The Dome
United States
Documentary, Comedy
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20th Century Fox Home Entertainment,
LucasFilm Ltd.
For the first time on DVD, the complete R2-D2: BENEATH THE DOME Mockumentary lifts the lid of silence and explores the never-before-told history of the real star of the STAR WARS saga... Artoo Detoo. Learn about his humble roots in rural England, his unyeilding hunger for fame, and how his determination overcame a Hollywood that had long discriminated against Droids. Told in three parts, the documentary unearths never-before-seen footage and interviews to tell the story. Featuring George Lucas, Samuel L. Jackson, Francis Ford Coppola and more, R2-D2: BENEATH THE DOME will bring smiles and laughter to your galaxy.
Extra Features
Easter Egg: On the main menu that looks like a newspaper about Artoo, moving to the top selection and pressing the right button on the DVD remote will illuminate a blue shape inside Artoo’s dome. This allows the viewer access to a gallery of R2-D2 Star Wars production photos.

Don Bies Director

no image Bob Hesse Narrator (voice)

no image Robbie Edwards Robbie Dillingham

Jennifer Weil Claudia Dillingham-West

Bitsie Tulloch Bitsy

no image Dave Murphy Artoo's Buddy (at age 45)

no image Morgan Hamilton-Lee Artoo's Buddy (at age 10)

no image Bernie Hamilton-Lee School Principal

no image Mary Jo Hamilton-Lee School Teacher

no image Cecilia Hamilton-Lee School Kid

no image Phyllis Eblan School Mom

no image Brittany Eblan School Kid

no image Benjamin Bies Cute Kid

no image Anna Bies Emergency Room Technician

no image Kara Glieden Emergency Room Technician

no image Wendi Thomas Emergency Room Technician

no image Mark Havens Emergency Room Technician

no image Kathy Fischer Emergency Room Technician

no image Nelson Hall Artoo's Trainer

Grant Imahara Artoo's Technician

Fon Davis Artoo's Technician

no image Marilisa Lokna R2's Girl

no image Gina Rudometkin R2's Babe

no image Cheryl King R2's Chick

no image Zeynup Selcuk Artoo's Bungee Assistant

Justin Dix Artoo's Bungee Assistant

no image Trevor Tighe Artoo's Bungee Assistant

no image Barry Kite Scrooge

no image Brian Lockwood Bob Cratchit

no image Karen Kenepp Mrs. Cratchit

no image Alicia Peters Cratchit's Daughter

Steve Sansweet The Mayor

no image Lauren Vogt The Mayor's Wife

no image Bob Canning City Official

no image Les David City Offiical

no image Andrea Biklian Artoo Fan Club Member

no image Paula Nederman Artoo Fan Club Member

no image Sarah Peacock Artoo Fan Club Member

no image Billy Brooks Coffee Shop Patron

Steve Gawley Coffee Shop Patron

Salvatore Belleci Cop #1 (Starsky)

James Cotner Cop #2 (Hutch)

no image Michael Murnane Bad Guy (as Michael P. Murnane)

Ahmed Best Himself (uncredited)

Don Bies Himself (uncredited)

Ben Burtt Himself (uncredited)

Hayden Christensen Himself (uncredited)

Candy Clark Herself (uncredited)

Francis Ford Coppola Himself (uncredited)

Anthony Daniels Himself (uncredited)

Richard Dreyfuss Himself (uncredited)

Carrie Fisher Herself (uncredited)

Harrison Ford Himself (uncredited)

Nick Gillard Himself (uncredited)

Alec Guinness Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)

no image Robin Gurland Herself (uncredited)

Mark Hamill Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)

Samuel L. Jackson Himself (uncredited)

Christopher Lee Himself (uncredited)

George Lucas Himself (uncredited)

Rick McCallum Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)

Ewan McGregor Himself (uncredited)

Dennis Muren Himself (uncredited)

Natalie Portman Herself (uncredited)

Steven Spielberg Himself (uncredited)

Leeanna Walsman Herself (archive footage) (uncredited)

English Dolby Digital 2.0
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    R2-D2: Beneath The Dome