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The Dark Knight

Blu-ray, 2008



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CASE: Madeline (Back), DC Comics
Title Data
Original title:
The Dark Knight
United States
Suspense/Thriller, Crime, Action
Running time:
2h 33min
Disc release:
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Warner Bros. Pictures,
Legendary Pictures,
Warner Home Video
The follow-up to Batman Begins, The Dark Knight reunites director Christopher Nolan and star Christian Bale, who reprises the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne in his continuing war on crime. With the help of Lt. Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman sets out to destroy organized crime in Gotham for good. The triumvirate proves effective. But soon the three find themselves prey to a rising criminal mastermind known as The Joker, who thrusts Gotham into anarchy and forces Batman closer to crossing the fine line between hero and vigilante.
Extra Features
DISC 1 - MOVIE WITH FOCUS POINTS... • Gotham Uncovered: Creation of A Scene - Director Christopher Nolan and Creative Collaborators Unmask the Incredible Detail and Planning Behind the Film, Including Stunt Staging, Filming In IMAX®, the New Bat-suit and Bat-pod...and More! ... and Exclusive Features Via BD-Live™! DISC 2 - SPECIAL FEATURES • Batman Tech - The Incredible Gadgets and Tools (in Hi-Def) • Batman Unmasked: The Psychology of The Dark Knight - Delve into the Psyche of Bruce Wayne and the World of Batman Through Real-World Psychotherapy (in Hi-Def) • Gotham Tonight - 6 Episodes of Gotham Cable's Premier News Program • The Galleries - The Joker Cards, Concept Art, Poster Art, Production Stills, Trailers & TV Spots

Christopher Nolan Director

Christian Bale Bruce Wayne

Heath Ledger Joker

Aaron Eckhart Harvey Dent

Michael Caine Alfred

Maggie Gyllenhaal Rachel

Gary Oldman Gordon

Morgan Freeman Lucius Fox

Monique Gabriela Curnen Ramirez

Ron Dean Wuertz

Cillian Murphy Scarecrow

Chin Han Lau

Nestor Carbonell Mayor

Eric Roberts Maroni

Ritchie Coster Chechen

Anthony Michael Hall Mike Engel

Keith Szarabajka Stephens

Colin McFarlane Loeb

Joshua Harto Reese

Melinda McGraw Barbara Gordon

Nathan Gamble James Gordon, Jr.

Michael Vieau Rossi

Michael Stoyanov Dopey

William Smillie Happy

Danny Goldring Grumpy

Michael Jai White Gambol

Matthew O'Neill Chuckles

William Fichtner Bank Manager

Olumiji Olawumi Drug Dealer

no image Greg Beam Drug Buyer

Erik Hellman Junkie

Beatrice Rosen Natascha

Vincenzo Nicoli Crime Boss

Edison Chen LSI VP

Nydia Rodriguez Terracina Judge Surrillo

Andy Luther Brian

James Farruggio Man No. 1

Tom McElroy Man No. 2

Will Zahrn Assistant DA

James Fierro Thug at Party

Patrick Leahy Gentleman at Party

Sam Derence Male Guest

Jennifer Knox Female Guest

Patrick Clear Judge Freel

Sarah Jayne Dunn Maroni's Mistress

Charles Venn Gambol's Bodyguard (as Chucky Venn)

Winston Ellis Gambol's Bodyguard

David Dastmalchian Joker's Thug

Sophia Hinshelwood Reporter

Keith Kupferer Heckler

Joseph Luis Caballero Cop Heckler

Richard Dillane Acting Commissioner

Daryl Satcher Officer at Intersection

Chris Petschler Convoy Leader

Aidan Feore Fat Thug

Philip Bulcock Murphy

Paul Birchard Cop with Fat Thug

Walter Lewis Medic

Vincent Riotta Cop at 250 52nd St.

Nancy Crane Nurse

K. Todd Freeman Polk

Matt Shallenberger Berg

Michael Andrew Gorman Cop at Hospital

Lanny Lutz Bartender

Peter Defaria Civilian

Matt Rippy First Mate

Andrew Bicknell Prison Ferry Pilot

Ariyon Bakare Guard Commander

Doug Ballard Businessman

no image Helene Maksoud Mother (as Helene Wilson)

Tommy Campbell Passenger

Craig Heaney Passenger

Lorna Gayle Passenger

Lisa McAllister Passenger

Peter Brooke Passenger

Joshua Rollins SWAT Sniper

Dale Rivera SWAT Leader

Matthew Leitch Prisoner on Ferry

Tommy 'Tiny' Lister Tattooed Prisoner (as Tommy Tiny Lister)

Thomas Gaitsch Reporter #3

no image Bill Armstrong Evans (as William Armstrong)

Adam Kalesperis Honor Guard Man

Tristan Tait Uniform Cop

Bronson Webb Bounty Hunter

David Ajala Bounty Hunter

no image Gertrude Mosley Fox's Secretary (as Gertrude Kyles)

Jonathan Ryland Passenger Ferry Pilot

James Scales Guardsman

Nigel Carrington Warden

Ian Pirie Corrections Officer

Lateef Lovejoy Prisoner

Grahame Edwards Prisoner

Roger Monk Prisoner

Ronan Summers Prisoner

Wai Wong Hong Kong Detective

Michael Corey Foster Honor Guard Leader

Hannah Gunn Gordon's Daughter

Brandon Lambdin Armored Car SWAT

Jeff Albertson National Guard / Police Officer (uncredited)

no image Tracy L. Aldaz Emergency Medical Technician (uncredited)

Matthew W. Allen Civilian (uncredited)

Stephen Armourae Ferry Prisoner (uncredited)

no image Alisa Azpeitia Refugee (uncredited)

no image Mike Bach Board Room Member (uncredited)

no image Wayne Baker Loading Dock Supervisor (uncredited)

Martin Ballantyne Joker's Henchman (uncredited)

Tommy Bartlett Maroni's D.A. (uncredited)

no image Paul Bateman Cameraman (uncredited)

Blayne Bennett Inmate (uncredited)

no image Craig Braginsky Police Officer (uncredited)

Jon Lee Brody Waiter (uncredited)

no image Douglas Bunn Gotham City Prision Guard (uncredited)

Debbi Burns Bank Patron (uncredited)

no image Luke Burnyeat Party Guest (uncredited)

Maritza Cabrera Party Guest (uncredited)

Shirin Caiola Party Guest with Glass (uncredited)

no image Fabrice Calmels Bodyguard (uncredited)

no image Josh Chapman Bar Patron (uncredited)

no image Laura Chernicky Party Guest (uncredited)

no image Matt Cho Lau Henchman (uncredited)

no image Henry Milton Chu Lau Henchman (uncredited)

no image Rob Clark Party Guest (uncredited)

Kelli Clevenger Paramedic (uncredited)

no image David Cosey Rasta Gang Leader (uncredited)

no image Rachel Daugherty Bar Patron (uncredited)

Bruce Allen Dawson Ferry Prisoner (uncredited)

no image Danielle Day Bruce's Supermodel Girlfriend #2 (uncredited)

no image Richard Divizio Chechen Gangster (uncredited)

Tony Domino Press Conference Heckler (uncredited)

no image Jessica Doyle Hospital Patient (uncredited)

no image Laine Edwards Civilian (uncredited)

no image R. Michael Egan Boat Passenger (uncredited)

no image David William James Elliott Extra (uncredited)

no image Dan Evashevski Underwear Honor Guard (uncredited)

no image Gene Fojtik Pedestrian (uncredited)

Reese Foster Party Guest (uncredited)

no image Jason Frederick Party Guest (uncredited)

no image Jason Fuller Partisan (uncredited)

no image Darren Elliot Fulsher Police Officer (uncredited)

David Fultz Pedestrian (uncredited)

no image Scott Ganyo EMT (uncredited)

Marisol Giraud Party Guest (uncredited)

no image Tim Glanfield Hostage (uncredited)

no image Dan Gossen SWAT Officer (uncredited)

Sharlene Grover Party Guest (uncredited)

Natalie Hallam Ferry Passenger (uncredited)

Thomas Hartmann EMT (uncredited)

no image Alexander Hathaway Prisoner (uncredited)

no image Jordon Hodges Police Officer (uncredited)

no image John Hoving Bank Vault Manager (uncredited)

no image Bill Ibrahim Maroni Gangster (uncredited)

no image Gerard Jamroz Mob Boss (uncredited)

no image Charles Jarman Pencil Trick Thug (uncredited)

no image Erron Jay Prisoner (uncredited)

Daniel Jefferson Immigrant Ferry Passenger (uncredited)

Ramses Jimenez National Guard (uncredited)

no image Will Jones High-Ranking Officer (uncredited)

no image Bob Kaliebe Police Officer (uncredited)

Nicky Katt Shotgun SWAT (uncredited)

no image Mark Keiser Businessman / Crime Scene Witness (uncredited)

no image Charlie Kierscht Party Guest (uncredited)

Thomas Kosik Parade Police Officer (uncredited)

Don Kress Maroni's Henchman (uncredited)

no image Ryan Kross Police Officer (uncredited)

Tim Krueger Assistant D.A. (uncredited)

Michael Kuster Party Guest (uncredited)

Dan Latham Police Sgt. Spellman / Gotham Bomb Squad (uncredited)

Joseph Lazicki Party Guest (uncredited)

David Lesley Detective (uncredited)

no image Emily Lineham Civilian (uncredited)

no image Deborah Lynn Party Guest (uncredited)

no image Noelle Lynn Pedestrian (uncredited)

Jonathan Macchi Party Guest (uncredited)

no image Al Marchesi Police Officer (uncredited)

no image J.R. Martino Firefighter / Citizen (uncredited)

Joseph Mazurk Bailiff / Parade Policeman (uncredited)

Tom McComas Helicopter SWAT Sniper (uncredited)

no image Krista McEnany Party Guest (uncredited)

no image Ryan McGonagle Banker (uncredited)

no image James Mellor Ferry Passenger (uncredited)

no image Denise Meyer Kennell TV Reporter (uncredited)

no image Joseph Nelson Police Officer (uncredited)

Joseph Oliveira Officer (uncredited)

no image Sal Ozbay Gang Member (uncredited)

no image Christopher Pastenes Prisoner (uncredited)

no image Libby Pedersen Party Guest (uncredited)

no image Greg Peterson Gotham City Evacuee / Resident (uncredited)

Ernest Pierce Shotgun SWAT (uncredited)

no image Kevin Pitcairn Firefighter at Lamborghini Crash Scene (uncredited)

no image Rory Plante Evacuating Hospital Patient (uncredited)

no image Pek Pongpaet Lau Henchman (uncredited)

no image Charles Query Businessman (uncredited)

no image Marc Radz Party Guest (uncredited)

Buster Reeves Joker's Thug #2 (uncredited)

no image Sara Ritz Ballerina (uncredited)

Peter Rnic Prisoner (uncredited)

no image Gary Ryder Man on Boulevard (uncredited)

no image Kelly Saindon Attorney (uncredited)

no image Elisa Schleef Extra (uncredited)

no image Greg Schweiner Assistant D.A. (uncredited)

no image Jan Seybold Dent's Secretary (uncredited)

Amit Shah Party Guest (uncredited)

Vivek Shah Middle Eastern Bank Hostage (uncredited)

no image Michelle Shields Angry Hospital Relative (uncredited)

no image Tina Simmons Detective (uncredited)

no image Sofiya Smirnova Evacuee (uncredited)

John Snowden Detective (uncredited)

no image Lorea Solabarrieta Secretary (uncredited)

no image Dwight Sora Mob Lawyer (uncredited)

no image Bruce Spielbauer High-Ranking Police Official (uncredited)

January Stern Party Guest (uncredited)

Robert Patrick Stern Extra (uncredited)

no image Jordan Stone Businessman (uncredited)

Robert Stone Dept. of Corrections Resident (uncredited)

Richard Strobel Detective (uncredited)

no image Albert Tang Ferry Passenger (uncredited)

no image Jim Templar Joker's Henchman (uncredited)

Chris D. Thomas Courtroom Spectator (uncredited)

no image John Thurner Party Guest (uncredited)

no image Tinnie Tong Ferry Passenger (uncredited)

Tom Townsend Police Officer (uncredited)

no image Chuen Tsou Lau's Henchman with TV (uncredited)

John Turk Chechen's Bodyguard (uncredited)

no image James Warfield Party Guest (uncredited)

John Warman Detective (uncredited)

no image Joel Wasserman Party Goer (uncredited)

Mike Whyte Police Officer (uncredited)

Chris Wilson Major Crime Unit Detective (uncredited)

Lisa Wolf Businesswoman (uncredited)

Essa Zahir Prisoner on Boat (uncredited)

no image Kevin Zaideman Party Staff (uncredited)

English Dolby TrueHD 5.1
English Dolby Digital 5.1
English Dolby Digital 2.0
French Dolby Digital 5.1
Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1
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